Welcome To Motec Canada. Motec is one of the top leading suppliers of motorsport electronics worldwide. You’ll find Motec hardware on the highest level applications in all forms of racing, performance automotive and even watercraft and military applications around the globe. Motec takes the knowledge and experienced gained at this level and apply that to club level products that are incredibly intuitive to use given their capability. Paired with extensive webinars, documentation and free software available for all to download,, Motec is the most accessible top tier electronics out there.

Motec Canada was established in 2019 to provide Canadian customers with direct access to Motec product and associated supplies without having to worry about cross-border shopping. We receive Motec product directly from Australia in bulk, and as such are able to offer a lower cost to Canadians. We aim to stock everything our Canadian dealers and retail customers require.

If you have an interest in representing Motec and you think you have what is required to be a dealer, please feel free to contact us.

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