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Please contact MoTeC Canada prior to ordering the API. API working examples can be found in: Program Files / MoTec / i2 / xx / Samples / i2API

This licence enables the i2 Application Programming Interface that can be used from any language that supports COM technology. Access to and manipulation of MoTeC log files from tools such as MS Excel, MATLAB, Visual Basic and Visual C# will allow for custom processing or for analysing externally generated data in i2 Pro.

The functionality of the i2 API software object includes:

  • Loading any MoTeC log file (.ld file).
  • Reading MoTeC log file data including channels, ranges, laps, beacons and details.
  • Creating new MoTeC log files and channels from code.
  • Saving i2 Pro log files to any filename.

#22021: 1-year licence
#22025: 1-year renewal licence

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