IZZE IR CAN-Based Tire Temperature Sensor

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IZZE Racing IR Temp Sensors Now Available Through MoTeC Canada

A robust, affordable, multi-channel CAN-based IR tire temperature sensor. Add one of these to each corner, connect to your existing CAN bus network and log using a MoTeC logger. No need for a large number of analog inputs.

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The Izze-Racing tire temperature sensor is specifically designed to measure the highly transient surface temperature of a tire with spatial fidelity, providing invaluable information for chassis tuning, tire exploitation, compound selection, and driver development.

The sensor is capable of measuring temperature at 16, 8, or 4 laterally-spaced points, at a sampling frequency of up to 100Hz, object temperature between -20 to 300˚C, using CAN 2.0A protocol, and enclosed in a compact IP66 rated aluminum enclosure. The sensor is available with two field-of-views: ultra-wide (120˚) or wide (60˚).

The sensor is also available as a PCB assembly, without an enclosure, amounting to a significant reduction in cost and allowing the user to package the sensor to their specific needs.

Click Here For The Sensor Datasheet

MoTeC CAN Configurations:

16 Channel MoTeC CAN Config
8 Channel MoTeC CAN Config
4 Channel MoTeC Can Config

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 cm
CAN Bus Speed


Temperature Channels

4, 8, 16


Aluminum. Enquire for PCB Version.

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