MoTeC USA Drag Package

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M1 Drag Package

MoTeC USA’s Drag Package is a highly specialized platform focused on providing a complete solution for vehicles utilized in drag racing. This particular solution offers an immense level of versatility that handles various applications from simple naturally aspirated engines to forced induction engines with quad variable camshafts and electronic throttle bodies.


Included are several ancillary features commonly found on race vehicles such as anti-lag, rolling launch, driver switches, gearbox control, knock control, intercooler spray-bars, launch control, coolant pumps, traction control, and nitrous control.
User definable outputs are also provided for with user definable axis for systems that do not fall within MoTeC USA Drag standard functionality. The product fully integrates with other MoTeC devices, providing pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Displays/Loggers, LTC’s, E888, GPS and SLMs.


Drag Specific Features


  • Driveshaft speed control allowing for ignition timing adjustments based on a user-defined driveshaft curve.
  • Four stage mass flow based nitrous control with user-defined activate/reset parameters and ramp-in/ramp-out parameters for ignition/fuel compensations.
  • Rolling launch functionality allows for turbo spool-up in a rolling launch scenario through use of variable boost aim and ignition timing adjustments.
  • Differential ground speed traction control allowing for ignition timing adjustments and cut events based on user-defined allowable slip between driven and non-driven wheels.
  • Turbo Purge functionality to allow for venting of excess boost pressure.
  • Auxiliary outputs with X & Y user-selectable axis of relevant package channels as well as PID control for Outputs 1-3.
  • Generic input user-defined channels for use with output functions that allow axis selection.
  • Wastegate CO2 control with main target and scramble target functionality.
  • Transmission pump, converter lockup, internal and external dump control against user-definable parameters.
  • Transmission brake and bump control against user-definable axis/parameters.
  • Launch control with ignition timing adjustment functionality, engine speed limiting, and spool mode to aid in build-up of turbo speed on the launch
  • Race Time channel for use of time-based functions/compensations following the launch
  • Engine efficiency compensation system for exhaust back pressure.
  • Increased calculation rate and resolution for race specific functions
  • Selectable Engine Efficiency table load axis allowing for native AlphaN functionality to simplify ITB and turbo over trumpets tuning.
  • General purpose fuel trim and ignition trim tables that allow user selection of X & Y axis of relevant package channels.


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