What Is So Special About Motec?

There is a reason so many experienced racing engineers and teams choose Motec. The software is extremely powerful, allowing the end user to accomplish anything he/she can imagine, while at the same time being incredibly intuitive and accessible.


Here are some features about Motec software – something that is not always appropriately considered when selecting hardware. Software should be one of the main considerations because after-all, the software is what you’ll be using on an ongoing basis! If the software is poor, even the best hardware will be essentially useless. We ask that you compare the software features, usability and frequency of updates of Motec versus other products you might be considering. Unfortunately many of our clients come to Motec after already owning something else, and comment that they wish they had selected Motec the first time around!

i2 - The Best Log Analysis Software

  • Extremely powerful while at the same time being easy to learn and intuitive.
  • Free software and sample data logs to learn with. (Compare to the rest!)
  • Multiple workspaces, and worksheets to layout different pages as you’d like. 
  • Ability easily map different channel names to compare logs with different naming (Throttle Pos vs Throttle Position for example).
  • Quickly add laps based on GPS, even if the logger was not correctly setup.
  • Custom math functions that are fast and simple to use.
  • Scatter plots, histograms, and track reports.
  • Control over ground speed calculation with braking g-force compensation.

Dash Manager - As Simple Or Advanced As You Need

  • Dashes and loggers come with base layouts for those that just want to get up and running
  • For those that want to customize, every aspect of the display is configurable.
  • Custom CAN communication allows quick setup of custom receive and transmit functions.
  • Easily set event details, which also automatically sets GPS coordinates for GPS based lap timing.
  • Alarms that can be configured on multiple triggers and can increment to continue to warn the driver if the alarm condition is worsening.
  • Custom multi-color shift light module can be configured to display anything imaginable, including wheel slip lights, lockup lights, and different types of warnings.
  • Quickly zero sensors such as G-sensor and shock pots.
  • Input sensor configuration is straightforward and quick to setup.

M1 Tune - Your Dream ECU Mapping Software

  • M1 Tune is the “i2” of ECU tuning software. Create custom pages with only the tables and parameters you’re interested in. Add gauges, graphs, tables, and lists of channels as you’d like.
  • Have multiple workspaces for different projects.
  • View data in real-time in an i2 type environment without ever leaving the software. It is like having an ECU tuning software and log review software in one.
  • Search for parameters with keywords to instantly find what you’re looking to adjust.
  • Ethernet connection for the fastest possible communication
  • Software is free to download and use, no license keys or dongles required. 

M1 Build - Your Own Custom Code In The Motec Ecosystem

  • Write custom code and functions and run them on a Motec ECU, and leverage M1 Tune to fine tune your parameters, and i2 to review data.
  • A simple development environment that protects you from software bugs – very quickly implement logic and spend little time debugging.
  • Start with base ECU files or start from scratch.
  • The rate of development is mind-boggling, with the combination of M1 Tune and M1 Build, it is possible to run through tens or hundreds of firmware revisions per day, and make real-time changes to your tables and parameters and permanently save them to flash memory. 
  • Publish completed firmware using Motec Online for others to purchase.
  • The power of M1 Build can do everything from simply adding some custom CAN communication to an already complete engine firmware to full control of an electric vehicle!


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